Research interests

Our research group takes a quantitative and multidisciplinary approach to examine the complex and competing influences of climate (e.g. rainfall and glaciation), tectonics (e.g. faulting and rock uplift), and surface processes (e.g. river incision, and volcanic deposition) on the evolution of landscapes around the world.

By integrating in-situ field observations with geochemical analyses, multi-modal remote sensing, machine learning, and numerical modelling, our research seeks to predict long-term (million-year) landscape responses to perturbations and short-term (decadal) impacts on land use and geologic hazards.

Updates and News

May 2023

We have a fully funded PhD studentship waiting for someone intertesting in geochronology and surface processes. Check it out!

April 2023

Jesse is convening and presenting at EGU. Be sure to check out his session and his poster!

January 2023

We have moved! We are all really excited to have found a new home in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of College London. So many new great collaborators and facilities. Please wtch this space for new oportuniteis to work together.

December 2022

Jesse and Byron are presenting at AGU. Please come get an update on what we are working on whether you are in Chi-town or sitting at home (see links).

August 2022


Jesse and Byron head into the field. Who will carry the biggest stone?

July 2022

Eli is back! Elianna Toro Paz can’t get enough surface processes and has returned to do her MSc in using detriral techniques to find ore bodies.

June 2022

Dr Jesse Zondervan joins the the group to see if he can win the Game of Stones! Find out more about Jesse here.

January 2022

New post-doctoral researcher postion at Bristol check it out!

December 2021

Another Royal Society project funded! Game of Stones is happening and I will be advertising for a new postdoc postion soon. Stay tuned…

October 2021

The fates did their best to conspire against me, but I will give my keynote talk at the GSA meeting in Portland. Come celebrate volcanoes burying mountain ranges on the 10th at 11:00. T127. Advances in Geomorphology Portland Ballroom 254.

September 2021

New chapter in the Treatise of Geomorphology finally out! ‘Potential Influences of Middle and Lower Crustal Flow on Landscape Evolution: Insights From the Himalayan-Tibetan Orogen’

July 2021

Joe Shaw publishes first paper of his PhD research in GeoChemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems! Check out ‘A Rusty Record of Weathering and Groundwater Movement in the Hyperarid Central Andes’

December 2020

Byron is presenting at AGU on ‘The importance of ignimbrite armor on mountain range evolution’. He will be discussing his poster on the 10th. Be sure to check out his online poster for detail on the times.

November 2020

We are looking for new potential PhD students!
For more information about the projects and how to apply go to this page.

October 2020

Byron publishes a paper in Science Advances illustrating the influence of rainfall on erosion and relief in rugged terrains. Check it out here: Climate controls on erosion in tectonically active landscapes. For a plain language summary please see the University of Bristol’s press release.

August 2020

Odysseas publishes his first paper on unsupervised detection of river networks from snythetic aperature radar (SAR) data using computer vision. Check it out here: IEEE Transactioons on Geoscience and Remote Sensing